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What is Leitrim Public Participation Network?

The Public Participation Network is the framework that gives community and voluntary groups representation and input into county council structures and committees as well as those for other agencies. It is a direct voice from the community for decisions that affect us. Every local authority in the Republic of Ireland has a Public Participation Network.

What does it do?

Leitrim PPN facilitates the participation and representation of communities in a fair, equitable and transparent manner through environmental, social inclusion & voluntary sectors on decision making bodies such as the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC), Strategic Policy Committees (SPC), Local Sports Partnership, County Peace Partnership, etc.

Participation strengthens the capacity of communities and of the environmental, social inclusion, community & voluntary groups to contribute positively to the community in which we live and work and play.

How is it structured?

When your group registers your address determines your Municipal District – where you are based – AND, depending on the activity of the group, you affiliate with an Electoral College:

·         Environmental                OR

·         Social Inclusion              OR

·         Voluntary

Your group nominates one person to represent it for the Municipal District and one for the College: there are three Municipal Districts in Leitrim: Ballinamore, Carrick on Shannon, and Manorhamilton.

Depending on the structure of the committee seeking PPN Representation, your group may be asked to vote by your college (cause) or by the Municipal District in which you are based.

A county wide secretariat of nine people ensures that there is gender and geographic spread as well as representation from each of the colleges.  The Secretariat oversees the county wide running of the County Leitrim PPN and is supported by Leitrim County Council to do this.

Each district grouping meets at least twice a year and there will be a general meeting of all groups in the county twice a year, Leitrim PPN Plenary.

Pictorial representation of the PPN structure

How are representatives to council committees selected?

All registered groups are advised of a place to be filled and all interested groups meet to select the representative.  This is then known as a Linkage Group. The representative is required to report to the linkage group on a regular basis to ensure that he/she is properly reflecting the views and needs of the sector.

What progress has been made to date?

243 groups have registered to date. There are representatives on 11 committees and boards:

PPN Representation 
The Public Participation Network is set up so that you can have input to the decision-making process at local and national level. The following people represent your views on various committees in Leitrim. 

Structure PPN April 2018

New registrations are invited from any group in Leitrim that is active and has evidence that it is properly run and constituted.

You can register online - click here button


Download the Registration Form, complete and return:PPN Registration Form 2018.docx (size 322.4 KB)

If you have any questions or want to get in touch about issues that affect your community contact:

Tracy Ferguson, Leitrim PPN Resource Worker:

Email: tferguson@leitrimcoco.ie           OR       info@leitrimppn.ie

Phone: 071 98 20005 ext 544             Mobile: 087 183 1253

For more information see: www.leitrimppn.ie

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