Local Improvement Scheme Funding Allocation 2020

Local Improvement Schemes (LIS) - Funding Allocation 2020

Leitrim County Council has received notification from the Department of Rural & Community Development of an Allocation of €250,000 for the 2020 Local Improvement Scheme (LIS) Programme.

The Department has requested Leitrim County Council and all Local Authorities to submit a List of proposed LIS Projects to be completed in 2020 – The 2020 Funding Allocation for Leitrim County Council will allow approx. 10 LIS Schemes to proceed in 2020.  Leitrim County Council has a Local Improvement Scheme Waiting List of 124 Applicants.   With regard to the LIS Schemes to be completed in 2020 with the 2020 LIS Funding Allocation, Leitrim County Council will shortly be in contact with the relevant applicants (the top 10 – 15 Applicants) on our LIS Waiting List (in order of their place on this Waiting List) in order to update their LIS Application Form and verify their continuing eligibility for the LIS Scheme in accordance with the current LIS Grant Terms & Conditions.

Please note the Following:-

·         Applicants on the LIS Waiting List: - Funding received will be utilised to deal with Applicants already on our LIS Waiting List in order of their place on this List. An allocation of €250,000  was  received in 2019 and 10 Schemes were completed. We anticipate completing   approximately the same number of   Schemes in  2020. Depending on the funding available for these Schemes in 2021 and beyond, we would anticipate that the level of funding will only allow us to process a small number of the Schemes on our existing LIS Waiting List.

·         Applicants NOT on the LIS Waiting List::-

Leitrim County Council are NOT accepting any new applications for thisScheme. 

There are currently 124 Applicants on our LIS  Waiting List and  our priority is firstly to process existing applicants on our current  LIS Waiting List as applicants are on this List

for a number of years now. The position with regard to re-opening this Scheme to new

Applications will be reviewed by Leitrim County Council at a later date. 

If the Local Improvement Scheme is to be re-opened to new applicants a public announcement  will be issued.

Any enquires with regard to this Scheme can be made as follows:-

Roads Department,
Leitrim County Council,
Park Lane House,
Carrick on Shannon,
Co. Leitrim.

Telephone No. 071 9620005 Ext. 617 /606

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