Tellus Border Project

Tellus Border was an EU INTERREG IVA-funded regional mapping project collecting geo-environmental data on soils, water and rocks across six border counties - Leitrim, Donegal, Sligo, Cavan, Monaghan and Louth - and continuing the analysis of existing data in Northern Ireland.  The project was a cross-border initiative between the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland, the Geological Survey of Ireland, Queen’s University Belfast and Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Information from the project is assisting environmental management and is supporting sustainable development of our natural resources in the border region. The project was a follow-on from the Tellus project successfully completed in Northern Ireland.  

The project consisted of an airborne geophysical survey and a ground-based geochemical soil survey. The project followed on from Tellus Border, which successfully completed in December 2013 following mapping of the border region including Co. Leitrim.  The results from Tellus Border are available, free of charge, at

There were main components to the survey.

  • An Airborne survey – a geophysical survey involving a low-flying aircraft collecting data on soil, rocks and water; and
  • A Ground survey – a geochemical survey which involved the collection of soil samples by hand across the county from one location approximately every 4 km2.


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