Contact Numbers - All Departments

When calling Aras An Chontae you do not need to go through to Customer Services for Motor Tax or Planning but for all other areas or extensions, you can ask Recpetion (0) to trnsfer your call to the relevant department or individual:

ARAS AN CHONTAE - 071 9620005

Motor Tax1
Planning Reception2

Some areas (listed below) have their own line which you can call directly:
Civil Defence071 9650 492
Economic Development071 9650 496
Housing          071 9650 426
Human Resources071 9650 460
Leitrim Arts Office071 9621 694
Leitrim One Call Business071 9650 496
Leitrim Tourism071 9623 274
Local Enterprise Office071 9650 420
North Leitrim Area Office071 9855 033
Sports Partnership071 9650 498
The Dock071 9650 828
Veterinary Services071 9650 424

For all calls to the below areas in An Chontae you need to dial 071 9620005 and you can ask RECEPTION (0) to be transferred to the below extension:
Cash Desk400
Civil Defence 855
Community Warden814
Freedom of Information151
Fire Station852
Health & Safety320
Housing Loans/Bank Rec354
Leitrim Tourism553
NPPR Queries308
Sports Partnership530
Veterinary Officer820
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